To be a dynamic and sustainable forward thinking company that optimizes the value of natural resources through responsible extraction, revolutionary engineering and innovative value enhancement process, while contributing toward the realization of energy conservation and environmental consciousness.



• Develop and commercialize innovative engineering and processes.

• Optimize value for shareholders by synergizing strategic assets.

• Maximize return of investment through innovative breakthrough ideas, and profitable.

• Preserve the life of natural resources and the environment through the most reliable, safe, effective

and efficient production process.

• Enhance community welfare through public partnership.

As an integrated energy company that has portfolio investment and assets in mining sector, which covers coal infrastructure services, BIPI always evaluate the industry’s condition and the Company’s performance. It became a commitment that must be performed consistently to formulate strategic efforts that can be implemented to advance the Company's business.


The organic growth of the Company is carried out by accelerating the exploitation process of oil and gas fields and mining which managed by the Company as well as building reliable human resources with excellent performance. The non-organic growth actualized by the acquisition or merger conducted on an ongoing basis.


In the future, the Company will continue to expand its business focusing on promising infrastructure segments namely the coal mining companies, power plant and other development in related industries. The Company believes that the precise strategy actualizations will turn into a strong foundation for the Company and provide value added to the stakeholders.