The Company understands its role as a business entity that has a social and environmental responsibility to the surrounding communities. The Company is committed to create a harmonious relationship with the community and to build consistent programs related to the improvement of community living standards.

The implementation of corporate social responsibility related to social and community development carried out through various social and community development activities as well as philanthropy programs through community development program as well as partnerships and community stewardship program in every operational area of the Company. In its implementation, the community development program of the Company is divided into four fields, namely education, infrastructure, social and religious.



Social Responsibility


In the education sector, the Company has wider mission to contribute in creating long-term economic value by providing and improving the education quality. This become the manifestation of the Company’s commitment to improve the quality of education in Indonesia.

In the infrastructure sector, the Company participate in the bridge construction, the repair of main road and reconstruction of buildings which are useful for community activities. In the social sector, the Company conducted group development to improve the productivity of community and also conducted activities to retain and improve the public health.


In the religious sector, the Company has always contributed actively in the religious activities or other social activities by giving donations.